Tim Sweeney

May 21, 2015
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One of my long time clients is preparing to retire. They are aiming for the end of 2017 and will start winding down operations at the 1st of the year. At this time, they have no one to continue the business.

When I spoke with the owners concerning what to do with their digital footprint (website, local listings, etc.), they asked about various options. So off the top of my head I mentioned:

1. Try to sell the digital assets outright. That means the domain, website and other local search assets. Of course, we'd have to value these assets.

2. Try the sell the entire business along with the digital assets.

3. Try to find someone to run the business for them while maintaining the digital assets.

4. Simply "closeout" all digital assets. For example, take down the website, mark the business closed, etc....

5. Come up with an ad driven monetization strategy for the website such as with Ad Sense.

There are of course many factors which would influence which option is chosen. Option 4 would be discarding all the value built over the years. Option 1 would allow a degree of recapturing of cost assuming if a buyer was found. Same for option 2. Based on the localization of their digital footprint, I don't think option 5 is viable.

I would be interested in knowing what other practitioners recommend to their clients. The client is in the manufactured and mobile home sector.

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