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Mar 13, 2015
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I've noticed that the exact dates (i.e. September 12, 2017) for the reviews in the GMB dashboard - > Reviews section are gone and replaced with what we usually see in the search results like some hours ago, yesterday, last week, etc.

I don't know exact time it happened.

Is there a way to go back to the version where dates are shown. In another listing I manage the dates are still perfectly shown.
I can't reproduce it on any of my listings. Can you post a screenshot of what you're seeing in the dashboard?
Interesting. I would suggest reaching out to GMB to ask them why it's happening - have you done that yet?
Nuh, too many requests to fix "bugs" from me going to GMB's twitter support :).. This isn't critical but wanted to know if someone knows why this happens or may be how to switch it back.
Colan saw this thread and asked Google about it. I think it's working as intended but I'm not 100% sure why they would do this (it doesn't make much sense to me).
Would be great to have an answer from Google. Not critical but still.

Interesting thing is that the GMB with reviews displayed on exact dates now shows only hours ago, days ago. No more exact dates.

It seems i'm triggering something? :eek:

There are still 2 more GMBs with reviews showing exact dates I manage and I don't know what to do :).
I'll circle back if I can get any clarity from Google. As you alluded to, I wouldn't sweat over it. It's interesting but I can't see it really having any kind of implications.
Google's driving directions for bus information switched from absolute to relative time maybe two years ago... I think it's obnoxious personally, I'd much rather see exact dates and times, but so be it. I imagine you're just seeing part of an interface change that's rolling out.

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