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Aug 23, 2016
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Hello Local-Guys, Vitor from Brazil Here! I hope everyone is okay :)
I used the forum search engine but I do not found what I will ask:
How do I create a system reviews "directly produced by my site" according to the new guidelines of Google? Before, I created a page called "testemonials" inserted some pictures of comments from GMB and marked the reviews to Schema. Apparently this is no longer possible (although I do not know how Google will know that this review is in the image is from GMB or third parties). I even left a link to the visitor of the page could check other comments and reviews (Example: I marked 5 with Schema and leave the link so he could lead the other).
With the new directive, as I will do it? And as Google will know if these actually Reviews "were created" on the site? It will not be easier to create false now?
Thank you!
Hm, someone with more experience on review schema will have to chime in (paging Garrett?), but it doesn't sound correct to me to be using images for your reviews, they should be machine crawlable. If they are crawlable, Google will know they're from a 3rd party source, because they'll see the same review text elsewhere.

I would interpret the new best practices, to basically mean you should only show reviews on your site that you gathered yourself. You could either ask for feedback directly, and then post your responses yourself on the testimonial page, (feedback sent through email could definitely be posted that way too) but a much easier solution would be to set up some kind of an automated system. I know get 5 stars and have functionality for that.

Either way, if you want reviews on your site, it means you need to ask some clients for reviews that you only intend to use on your site, you can't double dip and post your GMB or Yelp reviews on your site and call it good.
Thanks again James! This way do to (using GMB reviews and put a image with link) is what I have done until now, and, I have to change now to be insede the new rules of schema. If this 2 services you quote is a system , and if website do not necessary need to be in english (my is all in portuguese) I will try !
So, i have to now remove my actual mark up schema from the clients sites that I have the ''old'' way.....:eek:

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