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Jun 28, 2012
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G Local is EXTREMELY complicated and we would be working in the dark without the info below!

When we don't have all the info, volunteers who are donating their expertise, often end up wasting their time going around in circles trying to understand the issue, just based on a description. PLUS sometimes you'll get bad advice simply because without seeing the listing and dashboard, incorrect assumptions are many times made.

So we can investigate and try to help with your listing, please post the following info:
(Simply cut and paste the form at the bottom of this page.)

.:. Link to your Place Page/Google+ Local page (if you have other claimed listings in dashboard that could be related to this problem, please explain or provide links.)

.:. Business name, address, phone and categories copied exactly from inside your dashboard
(Or screenshot of that shows all of that info)

.:. If recently claimed or PIN verified, when?
(ALSO please specify which type of verification you are talking about. Now that there are 2 it gets confusing. Verifying the Googe+ Local (Google Places) Page OR verifying your G+ Business page to merge it with your Google+ Local (Google Places) Page.

.:. Description of problem and screen shot(s) if it would help. (See screenshot examples below)

.:. Related history on this listing that may help with troubleshooting. (Moves, dupes, merges, etc.)

.:. IF RANKING PROBLEM - What City + Keyword? Also let us know if you WERE ranking and how high. About when you dropped. OR let us know if the problem is you have never ranked.

Please note: I am far to busy to personally help everyone who needs it. Wish I could! Please see this post for info about my availability & support options. http://localsearchforum.catalystema.../4790-note-limited-free-consulting-linda.html

Copy this form into your post and fill in the blanks.

LINK to G+ Local OR if it's missing, link to web site:

Name, address, phone (as listed in dashboard):

Verification date:


Related History:

Screenshot(s) if helpful: (See screenshot examples below)

IF RANKING PROBLEM: What City + Keyword?


Locations screen (old dashboard)


Dashboard screen shot (old dashboard) Need ENTIRE RIGHT SIDE of analytics page: From very top that shows: account email, down the entire right column that shows address, phone, description and categories.


If your Place page is merged with Google+ we may also need a screenshot of that dash, depending on the problem. Post the above 1st and we'll let you know.


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