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Jun 14, 2017
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I wonder if anyone can help? A business owner reached out to me a few weeks ago as his SAB was suspended and Google says he's not entitled to one.

He initially had his address on the profile and this was an error but he didn't understand the difference. So I told him to remove this and resubmit a reinstatement request. Google kept replying saying he wasn't entitled to a listing. But he is?

I reached out to Google Business Help and raised it there and was getting some help to escalate it but the person there said that Google wasn't replying and there was nothing he could do.

The owner is desperate as he had lots of reviews and now he has no presence really and is losing his business. Can anyone help or suggest a solution?

Thank you
Hi Caroline,

I removed the link to the Google business profile forum as that violates our forum policies here. Not a huge big deal, people do it all the time so don't feel bad.

I took a quick look at the thread over there and it looks like Tom replied today. You are in good hands with Tom and he actually pointed out some things that I would suggest looking into in his most recent reply.

Sometimes with suspensions you just need to keep investigating and tweaking things and going back to Google asking them to check it out again.

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