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Aug 22, 2023
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Hello everyone! I'm upset to say that my first post here is one searching for help. I own and operate a SAB - Brilliant Shine Detailing. I recently moved to a new home in Streamwood, IL. I have always operated out of my residential address and had a map pin but when I moved I was instructed to be a SAB and reverify. I reverified with no problem and I noticed that pretty much instantly after changing my service area and reverifying, I started ranking #1 in Collierville, TN (about 600 miles away). My search ranking for various car detailing keywords in Collierville/Memphis, TN is a lot lower than #1. This problem has been going on for about 6-8 weeks now and it's pretty much shut down my business and income as I'm assuming that if I am ranking in the local pack, I can only be ranking in one location at a time.

I've made sure to update all data in my GBP, social media, and domain. I switched CMS's and built a whole new website with a ton more SEO than I previously had on my older, more simple site. I've contacted Google Support and they claim that my SAB which only services a 10 mile radius in and around Streamwood, IL might be a better fit in Collierville, TN. A couple of days ago, I added my address back to my GBP, re-hid it, and re-verified (pretty much instantly). I've found various things that would indicate that showing the address again and hiding it is/was my best bet and to give it about a week but there hasn't been an update yet.

If this doesn't resolve itself, I'm guessing that my only option is to create a new GBP and start from scratch?

UPDATE: About a week ago I updated my GBP to show my address, re-hid, and then reverified the listing. It seems like that started shaking things up in the search. When using a VPN, I no longer show up in the local pack in Collierville, TN or anywhere in Tennessee for any of my main keywords. I've asked family to do searches too and they say that I don't show up in Tennessee. However, when I'm logged into my Google account and using my main computer, I still show up as #1 in local pack in Collierville, TN but I'm assuming that's been I have been searching for and then clicking my listing so much these past few weeks.

Google and Squarespace analytics are showing that traffic is slowing down/stopping from Tennessee and is being spread out over the Chicago suburbs that I serve. I show up now anywhere between 1 and 5 in the Local Services section for the majority of my keywords locally. Local Falcon is corroborating that and showing that I do show up in the first first places locally and no longer rank at any placement in Tennessee for my main keywords.

I wanted to share this as it absolutely decimated my business and my income. The idea that small businesses have to rely on another private company for visibility is astounding. Seems like the fix for this problem as an SAB is to show your address, hide it, and reverify. I should add that when I had to re-verify, the video was accepted within an hour. It was a lot quicker than before.

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