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Oct 8, 2018
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I recently saw that this feature has been rolled out to a few industries and wondering if they are going to roll it out for all soon.

I tried this morning to open a client location and set the opening date to Dec 3 and got this message:

opening date error.jpg

Anyone have any clue on the rollout? Clients are asking for it as they don't want to wait for the opening day of their locations.
I'll check with Google on the rollout of the feature. In your screenshot is that edit from the GMB Dashboard (on the Info tab) or from a public edit to the Knowledge Panel on Google search? (I assume from the GMB dash since the listing isn't live yet?)
Thanks, Colan, appreciate it. It's from the GMB dashboard info section. Listing is live now but unfortunately, I had to set the special hours to closed until the grand opening. Just FYI this location is in the restaurant industry.

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