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Mar 26, 2022
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When you Google a term like pressure washing the organic results are informational, in other words, not showing local service businesses. On the other hand, the paid ad and mappack are service businesses.

I’m trying to make sense of how to think of how Google sees search intent around a term like this. It seems different for organic vs ads/gpb. To me this would mean it’s good to go after that term in ads/gpb but will probably never bear fruit in just basic organic seo

Thoughts on this? Thanks!
In regards to organic ranking for search terms with or without a local modifier (example: city, near me) this is referred to as implicit and explicit search intent. It is typically very difficult to rank for implicit searches like "pressure washing" for several reasons, but primarily it is because Google has separate algorithms for searches that have local intent versus non-local intent. Here are two very good resources:

However, Google Ads are a totally different animal than traditional SEO. Ads can be specifically designed to target searches without a local modifier because that is part of the paid service, the criteria of serving an advertisement/campaign can include the searcher's physical location and demographics. Basically, if you want your Ad to be shown for any type of search phrase, it simply comes down to how much you are willing to bid for placement and for a potential click thru.

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