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Aug 18, 2021
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Hello all,
So I'm working with a client at a multi-partner law firm. Their GBP and site are still showing up in search results for a former partner even though she's been scrubbed from the site for about 6 months. Now, there are photos of her still present on GBP and she's mentioned by name in reviews. We'd considered removing the photos, but they also have thousands of views, so we're concerned about a dip in ranking. I don't believe there's anything we can do about the reviews, nor do I think they'd want to trade ranking by removing those reviews if we could. Any advice for how to break that connection from our end? Conceivably, if she's joined a firm with a decent marketing department, eventually Google will associate her with that firm instead, but we know that will take time and it's not guaranteed. They're fielding as many as 20 calls a week for her currently so their pretty interested in resolving it as soon as possible. Any opinions, insights, tips, or tricks welcome! I'd be curious as to whether a social post on GBP mentioning her departure could move the needle... or if that would strengthen the connection by mentioning her name.
Any chance you can share some details so we can take a look?

I actually posted a little prematurely. I should have pulled up the search they were seeing first. She's got the firm listed as her employer still on her LinkedIn and Avvo profiles, which of course are the first two organic results and are likely heavily impacting this. That said, I'm sure it may take more to break the connection. Let me speak with them and ask for permission to share identifiable information with a third party. Thank you for responding! I'll be back in touch.

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