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Christa, when I saw the title and thought it was going to be a general question, that's the post I was going to go find and share with you.

It's the main one I know of. Seems like I've seen another somewhere, but can't remember where. And I don't know if it still works.

I'll share this with the Pro Community and see if we can get some feedback for you.
Here is the post at the Pro Community for anyone curious - as answers may come in there, that don't get posted here, so trying to cross reference for everyone's benefit.

<a href="">Segmenting Local Search in Google Analytics</a>
Sharing my reply from the G+ group:

We use UTM campaign tagging of URLs. Here is a resource that is old, but still accurate:
How to Track your Google Local Listing - VerveSearch

Make sure you follow their advice on the canonical tag, not only is it important for dupe content but it will eventually make the tagged URL show up as the pretty URL.

Oh, one last piece of advice. Don't use "Google" in the tagging, they have historically not liked like that for some reason. We use GLocal instead.

And of course, feel free to back channel me if you have any questions.
Thanks for sharing here too Dan. Cross posting is always appreciated since I don't always have the carpal bandwidth to do it and since many just read one venue or the other.

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