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Jun 16, 2015
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Does anyone know if there's a tool that does what SEMRush does, but for local results? SEMRush automatically pulls organic rankings for every keyword phrase that a website ranks within the top 20 for without you having to input your target keywords before hand. I'm looking for a tool that is able to do this with local results results.

Any help is much appreciated.


I used to use SEMrush (paid subscription), and liked it for a while but just didn't use it enough so I moved down to the free account. What I started to notice when comparing tools is that SEMrush pulls in a lot of good keywords I was ranking for, but I was able to find the same ones in Google Search Console (WMT). So what I decided to do was cancel my SEMrush membership and sign up for MOZ. I linked my search console account with MOZ and it automatically pulls that data in and suggests keywords to track.

If you have the budget SearchMetrics is a great tool to use. The Research Cloud feature is very comparable to SEMrush pricing ($69 for lowest package), but if you want campaign tracking that costs quite a bit more.

Hopefully others chime in with tools they've used, but I usually look for products with more substantial additional projects on platforms. Rank tracking is good, but I usually use search console for long tail keyword insights. Different companies have vastly different data indexes, so whichever way you look at it you might be missing a long tail keywords you're actually ranking for. Anything that can integrate search console to track is useful in my opinion.
In SEMRush You can track your websites rankings by setting a "search from" location. The same is true with Authority Labs. But in Authority Labs you can also track your Google My Business rankings by keyword. This is where you would see what result type you are tracking. The pin marker means Google My Business.
Pricing starts at $24/mo and they have a free trial.
I am not affiliated with them I just love their tool!
Thanks for the suggestions guys. I'm not sure any of these do exactly what I was looking for, but I'm starting to change my mind on what I'm looking for.

Eric, as far as you know, is Moz the best tool for making sense of search console keyword data?
The problem I find with all tools for tracking local as semrush does by just entering url is that most local terms have too little volume for the software co to justify such a wide index. They mostly provide head terms + mid tail with volume.

Thanks @eric rohrback on that tip about Moz. I haven't used Moz for ranking in quite some time. Authority labs is great for tracking if you have LOTS of terms. I also use semrush for competitive research on ppc and display but you mostly likely will miss many terms with low volume.

They all struggle on a local level most likely because the total searches are so low.

I haven't used site scout. And I haven't used bright local either in along time.

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SemRush is rather expensive tool, can you recommend something cheaper with similar functional?

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