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I like SEMrush. It's great to do competitive analysis for PPC ads. The biggest downside I have is that the results are on a national level, and it's not easy to filter down to anything location specific. I guess it really depends what you're using it for. Overall, it's a great tool.
I use sem rush regularly and love it. Good tool for the price.
All depends on what data you're trying to look at it. These tools overlap only a little. Can you say more about what data you're most interested in?
Like they said, totally depends what you're using it for... if you're in a niche where you have competitors spending money on PPC, it's a great tool to see what they're going after and the ads they're writing...

on the organic side, it still provides useful info, just not as accurate or in-depth...

BUT, we use it all the time - it's pretty awesome for competitive research and keyword research...

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