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Mar 7, 2015
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I would be grateful if someone knows some advanced (expert) coaching method, for organic SEO and SEO local that really works (panda, penguin proof)? Not interested in affiliate programs, only education program with strong community (workshops, forums, face groups etc.) which teach only organic SEO, local SEO (expert level). Also if anybody knows expert who teach privately, info like that will be more than a welcome.
Yes, thank you very much, but I get this answer ?And I no longer do private coaching and when I did it was only US based."???

My other post was
?We need citations (citation editing service like yext, Yahoo Local etc.) but for European market (Croatia).Most of services offer this only for US based business.
Does someone know citation editing service where we could just post our NAP and pay for listings in major directories, sites? By the way is there any on the market (for European countries)?"

Don't understand there is any difference between local position techniques for US and Europe?! Am I missing something?
It's not really the "how" that's the problem with US vs International citation building, it's actually the "Where" part of the question that's the problem. The US market and International markets have very different citation sites that have good audience value. Sure there is some overlap with the major players, but for the most part someone who does US-citation building will need to invest a lot of time to understand the international market.

Whitespark might be able to help with this, or Brightlocal may help. I've used whitespark, but not Brightlocal (shame on me since they're a sponsor to the forum). Yext won't cut it because they are US-based only. MozLocal won't help because that primarily hits major US aggregators/local sites.

Not sure of any other tools out there since I don't do much international work. I primarily focus on US businesses since I know the ecosystem much better, and can be comfortable when talking about the sites I can get clients on.

The methodology to the work really doesn't change much. It's knowing what sites are actually valuable to get clients placed on that's the challenge.
I was thinking exactly this. Do anyone knows International citation building sources (sites, services like yext, moz, citysearch, yahoo local) for Europe? Think this info may be useful for a lot of SEO's outside US, also US SEO's working for foreign clients.
Also do you know is there any advance program for SEO/SEM techniques or private coaching that you can recommend (expert level).
Do you know site/service (like yext, yahoo local etc.) that provide local business submission service (citation editing service) outside US? We are in Croatia (Europe), most of services offer this only for US based business.

Sorry, just wanted to answer Malcolm. How can I delete this?
This is the 4th time you've asked that question in 2 days.

Please don't keep bumping this thread to ask about citations.

You already have this citations thread going which is where citation topics should be discussed.

<a href="">Citation editing service for European market (outside US)</a>
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