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Nov 19, 2019
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I am working with a real estate client, and we are considering shifting to a new MLS listing provider.

In doing so, the new service has stated that the daily Property Update emails sent to our prospects (that offer links to new properties) will, for the first 6 months, link back to their domain. Meaning if someone clicks a property link, they will be directed to the listing provider's domain instead of ours (which is what happens with our current provider).

My question is...

As of today, these update emails with links account for our largest traffic source to our website, accounting for 20-30% of our overall monthly traffic.

Has anyone encountered something similar to know what SEO impact might be felt from an immediate loss of 20-30% if we make the shift now instead of waiting another 6 months?
Losing traffic from a referral source should not impact your organic rankings or traffic. There may be something to be said about the loss of onsite engagement signals on the site though, see here Is site traffic overlooked as a local search ranking factor? | Local Search

I wouldn't be too concerned though, as long as you monitor and make adjustments to improve SEO on your most important pages when needed you should be ok

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