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May 29, 2018
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I am working with a Landscape Design and Construction Company in Montana. They have a small Nursery in an old scarcely populated mining town, but serve the larger Cities in a 100 mile radius.
This is a New Client & I know some things that I need to change and Focus on for Local SEO. I am hoping for some suggestions on getting in the Snack Pack in the Towns he services. Google doesn't seem to understand Rural SMB, the guys drive an hour for most beneficial contracts.
Thanks in advance for the advice and suggestions.
Hi Steve,

You have 3 options:
  1. Get an office in each of the cities. A real office. Build a page on the site for the location, verify a Google My Business listing, and build citations for it. Keep in mind that if the office is not staffed during working hours, you would need to hide the address in Google My Business. This will get you into the local packs in that city, sort of. You'll really only rank within about a 1 mile radius around the location in the local pack. The closer the searcher is to the location, the better you'll rank.
  2. Rank in the organic results, not the local results. We have a good how-to post on this:
  3. Get in front of those customers with Google Ads.
Hope this helps!

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