Mar 8, 2017
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We have a client who provided us with their office address. After submitting to GMB the listing was immediately suspended and we realized it was indeed a virtual office. Unfortunately we had already submitted this to a bunch of other sites, not realizing that it was virtual.

We are now resubmitting to GMB as a service area business & mailing the postcard to the home address.

My question is -- do we now go through and use the home address everywhere & only list them in places where we can hide the address, thus limiting the places we can add them? OR do we set them up as a SAB on listings that don't allow virtual offices with their home address and then use the virtual office on sites that don't have issues with that? I know it's not best practice to use a virtual office but the client has apparently already paid for the space and is holding meetings there. Is there the same risk of inconsistent NAP when you list in some places as a SAB (hiding the address) and other not as a SAB?

Some added info -- the house is located in Sacramento and the virtual office is a smaller town outside of Sacramento. They are a repair service so they travel to customers but they also do have a home office/staffed phone (and use conference room as needed).

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!


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Jul 18, 2012
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I'd suggest updating the citations to help prevent a competitor seeing a virtual office on the directory listings and reporting you for it. Technically the report shouldn't work since you're not using it in GMB but I try not to leave my fate up to the employees at Google doing a thorough investigation on reports that get sent in.

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