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Oct 7, 2013
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I wanted an experts opinion on closed Google listings showing up in the KG. We have had some luck at merging a couple of listings that were showing up as "permanently" closed in the knowledge graph, but now I am wondering if we need to get rid of/merge ALL listings we previous marked as closed with the live listing(s) even if the 'already marked as closed' listing IS NOT showing in the KG?

I am thinking no, but I have noticed a few G+ listings marked as closed showing on the 3rd or 4th page in search so I am not sure if these closed listings could be hurting rankings and are worth trying to get rid of completely...

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
Here is an example of a listing we marked as closed a while ago (when that was the appropriate protocol) for Dr. Landon Mclain -

He is now located in Huntsville, NC, but if someone were to search him by "landon mclain in denver NC" his closed listing pops up as the 5th result in search. Should we try and get this listing merged with his correct/live listing?

Different example...if you search "Henry Geller, MD" his closed listing shows up in the KG as "permanently closed" -

FYI, Dr. Geller is now retired and back in April his listing was only appearing in search NOT the KG so maybe this means all closed listings will eventually appear in KG? Hard to say...


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