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Feb 5, 2013
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Hi All,

Just a little heads up on a situation we experienced with a Client recently.

We noticed the on their local listing. Long story short a client's new assistant was sold on a "mobile website" from Constant Contact without knowing/understanding that they did/do in fact have a website that was built with a responsive design. If you're not familiar you can learn more about what they offer at singleplatform[dot]com.

Long story longer, the feature was cancelled but this is what the User is redirected to if they attempt to go to the Clients site from a mobile device.
single page fail.jpg

As of this morning it was not in their process to clean this up once the service was cancelled. That may all change soon after speaking to a few Reps at CC.

single page fail.jpg
Thanks for this, Amber.

I've also made it a standard to check all client's websites at the beginning of the month. Was doing a demo of a responsive site I built, and when trying to load the site, was redirected to a freaking porn site! When accessing the site from desktop, no issues or redirects, just mobile.

They had an outdated plugin that caused the redirect to get in their.

Sneaky hackers.
Wow! :eek:

I guess it could always be worse than an empty single platform page. If that happened to me in a demo I would probably pass out from embarassment:)

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