Dec 13, 2016
I hope you guys can help.

Our customer is a very well-established real estate agent in a part of London. Very well respected business - 4.9/5 rating over 79 Google reviews. They are independent and up against some major national competitors. Their office is right in the town centre.

If you search for "estate agents [town]" they don't appear in the 3-pack and nowhere in the expanded results. But they do appear in the organic results at #1.

But if you go to the local finder and zoom in just one level, they are at position #1.

We're getting a lot of flack for this! :( Clearly people aren't going to necessarily zoom in so our client thinks they don't appear in the 3-pack at all, when they should be in there.

Any thoughts? :confused:

Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
Hi drongo,

What you are describing sounds like a Google filter. It filters similar businesses in one location or close locations and only shows one of the listings, when there might be 5 or 10.

Have you searched for other agents at that address (with same agency) to see if their listings are named properly? Are there other unrelated agents in that building too?

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