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Jan 3, 2020
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Has anyone noticed snippets like the one below appearing in the local panel? I've started noticing snippets from Solv Health in the local panel for urgent care centers. Haven't see any in other verticals. It looks like Solv is pretty specific to the urgent care space.

Personally, I hope this is just a test and that they remove it because it overshadows the conversion features and offers no value whatsoever. Also, most of the reviews seem bad and the last thing we need is another paid channel to manage :)

On a related note, I believe Solv was one of Google's original data sources for Covid-19 testing directory. Unfortunately, the data was really inaccurate and they weren't very responsive to correction requests.
@Peter Hill, that kind of summary? Nope - I haven't noticed it. It's similar to an editorial summary, but isn't attributed to Google, and of course in this case isn't for a restaurant or similar business.

I'd guess it's a test, because I don't see that summary when I pull up the knowledge panel for that urgent-care center.
@Peter Hill, I notice that urgent care center isn't identified in KP as a COVID testing site (with check marks and x's like you see on some listings).

If it were, I wonder how the KP's layout would balance that info with the snippet.
@Peter Hill Our team has seen it at least twice this week for law firms. In one case, the snippet featured information directly from the law firm's website. In another, it pulled from (a prominent legal directory). Perhaps an ongoing test by Google?
Thank heaven, these are gone now! Hopefully they did not get the results they wanted from that test :)
We have been seeing this on and off for months now. I believe Google is testing it. I hate it so I hope they don't roll it out.

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