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Jul 1, 2021
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We have a client that had one of their locations GBP profile just sitting out their unclaimed for at least a couple of years. They claimed the profile and it was immediately suspended. It is a Soft Suspension still showing in search. Before appealing the suspension we need to update the information on the profile. When you go to edit the information all of the fields are blank and it will not let you save any updates. When trying to save you get the following message, "Can't save edit. Try again later." The same thing happens for both a Manager and the Primary Owner of the profile. The current information that shows in search is correct but only includes the business name, address and phone number.

We have everything ready to go for the appeal but we need to be able to make these updates first. Has anyone else ran across something similar?

Since it is a soft suspension I would try claiming it in another account.

This is an edit bug and likely unconnected to the suspension: you run into it with active profiles too sometimes. For me it's usually been with some google "suggestion" that cannot be accepted or cancelled because of it.

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