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Apr 12, 2021
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Hello everyone!

I have some questions regarding local seo optimisation and Google My Business (GMB). I have a local business that offers guided tours in different towns and cities from two different regions. I've configured my GMB account and the adress is my house as I don't have any physical space (I'm freelance). I don't want people to visit me at my home so my address is hidden in my GMB profile. Instead of this, I configured a service-area that covers the two regions where I offer the visits. So my question is, what is my NAP? I want to cite it in my own website and other places but I don't know what to put as address. Can you help me with this?
Also, regarding multiple locations, is it possible to appear in different cities in my service area when people are looking for a guided tour in any of these places? How can I configure it?

Many thanks in advance for your help!
@Mary21, the more info, the better. So if you can put your street without the street number, and your city + postal, and your business name and phone number, that's close enough. You'll probably also want to add a paragraph on your "service area": the specific cities / neighborhoods / communities where you offer guided tours. Preferably that info is in the footer, on every page of the site.

There's no setting in GMB that will ensure you appear in any city (or different cities). You can set a service area to whatever you'd like, but it won't help your rankings. GMB doesn't really determine that. Where you rank, and for what terms, depends mostly on how thick the local competition is, and on organic SEO factors.

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