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Nov 4, 2020
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Hi guys
can you solve this puzzle

I accidentally wrote the wrong phone number in my GMB
The phone number is live, if you call it someone picks up

someone (google? competitor? the owner of the phone number who got pissed off?) marked my GMB as closed

Now my GMB is not showing up for any search term other than the brand name, and there is a "permanently closed' notation next to it

Can you tell me what most likely happened?
the guy got pissed off by all the calls and he contacted google?
my competitors reported as permanently closed?
the guy who owns the number asked people who called him to mark it as permanently closed so the calls stop?

I am so upset, I have not been able to eat all day. How can I get my location active again?


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Oct 28, 2016
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Anyone can "suggest" an edit. I am responsible for about 200 retail locations, somehow a handful of our locations keep getting "no in store shopping" and I keep changing them back to "in store shopping" ... multiple times over the past weeks. And this is why you must be proactive and watch your GMB accounts, daily.

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