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Apr 21, 2020
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Google Business Profiles suddenly showing a status "Pending edits?"

I have noticed today that in our agency dashboard a number of client GBPs suddenly show "Pending edits" in the status but when I go in there are no edits to be seen and none have been made to our knowledge. Has anyone seen that happening too and knows what that means and if this is something to be concerned about? Thank you in advance.
@Liliane Have you been recently re-instated?

No, Monica, thank you for asking. None of them had been reinstated. I did some more research on our end and found out that we had some services added to those locations. It used to be that when you made updates to services or added photos or such it would just go through right away. It could be that this has changed and now it is on "pending edits" status mode for a couple of days. I am wondering if anyone else might have noticed that. There seems to be a difference in how the status updates work that I have not seen before.
I have a location that is pending edits but there is nothing to edit. All were accepted. It is causing an issue for me to connect this location to our citation dashboard. The dashboard is saying that the location is not verified. Is there a way to fix this or do i need to contact support? @Colan Nielsen
What is this citation dashboard? Can I see the GBP you are referring to?

Now the Google dashboard says verification required. So I verified it and when I looked in the dashboard it says duplicate now.

duplicate .jpg
I removed the duplicate by using the new Remove Business Profile option. Its the scariest thing to do. I feel like Google is going to delete both. It didn't though. It worked as intended and the duplicate is gone. Duplicates are becoming more common now.

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