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Jan 21, 2013
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I work for an agency that manages clients listings on a bulk and individual basis. We bulk uploaded a client this summer but saw no verification after a few weeks. I have contacted Google on more than one occasion about this account through the places help portal. Each time they inform me they can only verify one listing at a time or simply send a verification request to a bulk management team which, of course has no method of directly contacting. After multiple requests, I still have seen no verification.

Does anyone know if a technical problem here? Is there a direct way to contact the people at Google who could actually help me? It has been over 2 months and need to get the guys published, but I can't seem to find a way to get this rolling.
Wow patient client, amazing they would wait that long to get verified.

Did you use phone support or just troubleshooter?

Have you tried phone support lately and verbally explained and stressed you need to get this resolved?

When was the last time you tried phone support?

Let me know and based on that I'll suggest plan B.
Very patient client indeed.

I have contacted Google through both the bulk email option in the places dashboard and the "Call Us' option too. The emails have not gotten any response other than the "Thanks for contacting us...We will review these listings and possibly contact you in the future"

I've spoken to reps 4 times about this particular account. Each time they remind me that they only work with individual listings, NOT bulk, that is left to another team. When I have asked if they can be reached directly to help me, I am told there is not a way to contact them.

Around a month ago I emphasized the need to verify these listings and even offered to sit on the phone and verify all 380 one by one if that is what it took. The Google rep said they would put in a verification request to the bulk management team and that in a week, everything should be good.

After 2 weeks, I saw no verification, made the call again, and got a second verification request sent. This rep also noted she could see the first request pending, and that this second one should grab their attention.

I spoke with Google this morning because it has been nearly 2 weeks since my second verification request was sent, but I did not get anywhere. I was reminded that they only deal with individual listings and that the team who oversees bulk verification is basically unreachable. She suggested that it may just be taking a while because I had over 300 listings.

Not sure what else to do except keep sending requests.

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