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Sep 5, 2016
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Hello again everyone

In my normal monthly checks for my clients GMB profiles, since last Wednesday I have started to see the HTML elements including <br> in the review responses generated by the business owners within the GMB dashboard

This is affecting all my clients and not isolated to one account so it affects many different brands which makes me think it is a google technical issue

Line breaks keep appearing when you click through to the reviews within the knowledge graph see the two examples below and it seems to affect every google review response going back years

Here is one of our hotels in Paris
Issue with reviews paris.JPG
Here is another review response from one of our hotels in Germany

Issue with reviews germany.jpg

If anyone could help with this it would be very much appreciated as I have already tried phoning GMB support about it and got nowhere is there anyone I could escalate it to?

It just a bit disheartening when I have spent time optimising and removing duplicates and then I require the clients input to respond to reviews and then they see this

Thanks in advance

Issue with reviews paris.JPG

Issue with reviews germany.jpg
To be clear you're responding to reviews directly from the GMB dashboard, and not a third party application/software right? Just trying to understand what your process is. I haven't seen this yet, so maybe the process has been different.
Hi Everyone

Thanks for the quick replies

Eric - Yes this is directly from the dashboard as I give management access to staff members at each hotel and go from there. No third party tools are used for any of my clients
Thanks Chaddow for reporting.

I'm confirming that Joy did escalate this to Google for us and we are waiting for a reply.
Not that it pertains to this, but I've also noticed on a few of my dental clients that I've looked at G seems to be adding a "Dental Care" cat to the listing. If you have dental clients, is anyone else seeing that too?
Google confirmed it's a bug. No estimated date on when it will be fixed but I'll try to post back here if they notify me when it's all good.
Hello again everyone

Updated google review without line breaks.jpg

This issue appears to have been resolved in my eyes but I would like conformation from google before I let my wider client base know

Has anyone heard anything as yet ?

Thanks again


Updated google review without line breaks.jpg
Google hasn't got back to me but I will ask them.
As expected, Google confirmed that it's fixed now.

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