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Jun 14, 2017
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I have read here before that creating a page on your website for the main directories that the business is listed in and submitting that page to Google to crawl is a good thing. Otherwise Google will probably not find these citations. If you do this, is it OK to make the page that you list the directory entries on an orphan? Or should you have a link to this page somewhere on your main site (i.e. perhaps the footer). I don't see why we need to link to it to make it part of the website as it's purpose is really just to get Google to crawl those citations. Any thoughts on that?
Hi Caroline, you don't need to build internal links to it. As long as Google crawls it you should be fine. When we have done this in the past we just submitted to Google via search console and that's it.
If the directory includes a link back to the business you added it is to your advantage if that listing has a few links pointing to it, so that is seen as better than all the similar listings within the directory

Rather than just linking back to the directory homepage, link direct to the page on the directory where your listing is and then both benefit.

Linking from an orphan page isn't really doing anyone any good.

Mind you, I would say that wouldn't I ;-)

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