Oct 25, 2019
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After relocating within same city (from suburb to central business district), for most of last year my rankings fell right back on GMB, despite doing everything that Google says you should do, having good reviews, and a well established website. My competitors ranked way higher despite they had no reviews, or bad reviews, little information, and were much more recently established. Due to being misinformed by a Google staff member I didn't know you could get a business marked as moved, they told me I had to close the old listing and create a new one! When eventually I discovered that I could in fact get the old business listing moved, I arranged this and GMB rankings soon bounced back up. At the beginning of March I was ranking 2nd, 3rd, for relevant searches in my city.

However, on checking at start of this month I find my GMB rankings have suddenly dropped out of sight! I only appear if I put my location (using gs location changer) as being in the city's main street which is 5 minutes walk away, or if I zero in on the map to just the immediate vicinity of my office. If I switch locations to a suburb about two miles away a load of my competitors appear ahead of me despite being further away from that location.

Has anything changed recently on GMB which would have caused this? The only thing I've changed is that I've suspended Google Adwords at the start of the COVID19 lockdown.

My organic listings are unchanged, by the way, ranking about 3rd for actual businesses (i.e. not counting the directories, wikipedia entries etc that come up).


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Jul 27, 2017
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I wonder if your ranking issues are related to the countless ranking updates users have been experiencing since the beginning of the month? Please check out this thread.


Oct 25, 2019
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Thanks! As always this forum is a mine of information. Based on that thread, I shall sit tight for a while and not make any changes.
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