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Jan 16, 2024
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Recently I've experienced several of my Google Business Profiles disappearing completely - not visible on search results pages and not in my GBP dashboard anymore. I haven't lost all of my GBPs, only some.

Even through a reinstatement form, Google Support hasn't been able to assist with the missing GBPs. I even had a CID for one of the listings that disappeared, and that no longer works. Even providing the CID to Google Support they weren't able to help.

The account I use to manage the GBPs is still active. Plus, there were no notifications prior to the removal/disappearance of the GBP listings, so I'm not sure what this has been caused by.

Has anyone had anything similar recently? Or can point towards other options to take?
I have seen this happen when the listings were connected to a 3rd party tool and then when it was removed, the listings got deleted. Google doesn't notify you because they see the tool as an authorized owner and assume you intentionally deleted your listing. They also may or may not restore it because of this (because "you" did it) but they should be able to get the reviews back for you if you have links to them.
Hi thanks so much Joy!

We don't use a 3rd party tool so unfortunately have to rule that one out. Is there anything else this could be potentially caused by?

Really stumped on this one.
It's either that or someone who was an owner on the listing deleted it from their account.

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