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Feb 6, 2016
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Google is saying "your business ins't visible to customers" and talking about validation of my access to the account hasn't been validated yet - I've had access to this account for 7 years. The location is visible on Google ( phew ) and I still can post and edit information. Why is this happening? It just "feels" like Google is getting more rickety and sketchy...less solid and dependable.

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Did you make any edits to the business profile to trigger a reverification? If it has been over 3 days, contact Google support for assistance.
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Nope! Nothing out of the ordinary. Its really strange. If I search the client in google ( which usually renders the edit functions ) there are none. So I have to type in "Google my business" and go through the "back end", click on the client, and then this is what appears...

Posts made to this account are showing on my phone, but I can't see them on my desktop.

On my phone it says "you manage this business" when I'm looking at the profile but there aren't the functions there to make edits. when I click on reviews I'm still able to respond.

Very clunky and sketchy...
I am seeing quite a few of these as well - no edits made just logging and and attempting to view performance!
The page is actually live though and it's only in the internal logging into the account that is says this, and then also a manager on the page it was still live. I have about 10-15 instances of this

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