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Dec 12, 2013
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Hey all,

I'm noticing that there has been a surge in Baidu traffic for many of my clients site recently. . . sitll less than 5% of traffic, but, it has definitely been noticeable for some of the clients. Is anyone else seeing this, or have any insight into why this is happening?
Are these businesses in China? We only have ones in the US and Canada.
I'm speculating but it could just be Google getting better at tracking referred traffic from that domain. They don't always catch 100% of referred traffic from the get go. For example, only about 25% of the traffic Apple Maps refers shows up in Google analytics. Don't know why!
Wow Great point, Eoghan . . . .I had always wondered why I never see traffic from Apple Maps.
Man - how is nobody else talking about this. . . for so many clients, if you check the organic source, I have so many random clients that have this Baidu and Sogou traffic. . . it's causing all kinds of variability in the overall traffic numbers. Seemingly happening in more B2B sites, but, still. 29% of traffic from Baidu last month for a Two way radio shop in texas last month.

Maybe I'm just awesome at optimizing for Baidu without realizing it?

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