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Mar 28, 2018
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I have an odd situation with a profile. It was live but the business owner didn't own it - someone else had set it up, incorrectly, then ghosted him. Because the address was showing we were able to start the takeover with the postcard, but it suspended the profile the second the code was entered. Not unusual these days. I cleared the address and started the appeal.

Unfortunately it's another case of "not eligible" despite it having been live and in violation of guidelines for about a year at that point. I sent the business insurance info to GBP per their request, but still nothing. I asked for help on the forum and it has gotten no replies.

I know this is a super common thing happening with Google lately, just wondering... is there ANYTHING we can do when this happens? It is getting overwhelming trying to keep clients happy when I am basically helpless in these situations.
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