Oct 21, 2016
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So I have a client that is switching their domain name. The have over 100K visitors a month.

What are things to look out for when doing the switch.

Obviously doing 301 redirects to the new domain structure?

Anything else?

Eric Rohrback

Oct 3, 2012
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You should to do a backlink audit. Every redirect will lose a little value for the new page, so it might be worth updating the important (high value) backlinks.

301 redirects... updating backlinks/social profiles... updating destination URLs in ads (if applicable)... Update search console and update any tracking tools. I think there's more but it's early and I need more coffee

Margaret Ornsby

Local Search Expert
Jul 22, 2013
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There are loads of things to watch out for!

One that gets lots of folks is remembering to register the www and non-www versions of a domain with Search Console. And if the domain is https, make sure you register all 4 (http and https, with www and non-www).

Also check the site settings are all aligned (preferred URL display) in SC.

On the website (if it's using a CMS), make sure the URL reflects what you've configured as the preferred display in SC.

And finally, check your Analytics domain is the same as the preferred URL display.


Jul 22, 2012
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One thing I strongly recommend doing is completing the "Change of Address" procedure in GSC.
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