Sep 1, 2015
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Hello everybody!:):):)

We want to share a problem related to a customers of us which is being locally promoted in the last few weeks.

recently we have learned that it is possible to point search engines to other related assets like the local store facebook page or google + belong to a certain store by using the schema.org "same as" property but we find it difficult to know how to implement it correctly, it is also bring out the question what is the best way to implement the rest of the schema.org local properties to get the best results. The customer has 4 different locations in the USA at Nashville, Brentwood, Louisville and Cincinnati and each has its own local page.

if you want to take a look at the code or the page itself you can visit the site at:

home page: Designer Engagement Rings & Jewelry | Genesis Diamonds

Nashville local page: Nashville Jewelry & Engagement Ring Store | Genesis Diamonds

the questions that comes to mind are:

1. what should we implement at the home page? only the general website's shema.org properties like "local business", "place" and its related assets ("same as") or also those of the local stores? Are we supposed to put any schema.org properties of the local stores at all?

2. Is the same is true for the local stores pages? Should we implement all four stores properties in each local page or just the one related to the location the page is targeting? Are any of the general site properties like genesisdiamond.net Google + should be implemented?

3. What about other pages on the website? Should we implement the schema.org properties like "place", "local business" and "same as" in a site-wide manner only for the main website, the local pages as well, the both or none of them?

We will be grateful to anyone how can share his/her past experience and knowledge with us and help us do it in the right way.

Have a good day everybody,

Operad team. ;)
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Mar 27, 2015
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Just looking at the code I few fix these things below:

1) The main site should only show the main address not the other businesses locations & include social profiles, business info etc.

2) Each business location page should use it on unique Json ld tag, currently you use the sitewide tag that shows all locations.

3) Each business location should have a GMB account associated with it. Make sure you have the URL on GMB point to the correct location page URL. And make sure you have unique content for each account.

Here is a list of schema tags:
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