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Jun 28, 2012
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VBSEO is Suspending Operations :(

Dear vBSEO Customer: djbaxter

It's a sad day for vBSEO.

I'm Ilia Muriente, co-founder of Crawlability Inc. We created vBSEO in 2005 to enhance the SEO positioning of your forums.

Unfortunately, I was forced out of my role as Vice President in 2009 and have not been permitted to be involved with the company at any level since. The company has been fully under the control of my co-founder, Juan Muriente.

Since my departure, the company has been in sharp decline. Recently, our customers have been abandoned without any support.

vBSEO has not been a priority for the team for several years. In fact, our CEO and lead developer became involved with Topify Inc in 2012.

I feel that it is important for you all to know the current status and how it may impact you. I created a short video to talk to you today.

I invite you to join me for discussion at

I will answer all of your questions, and hopefully brainstorm with you on how we can best serve you all if vBSEO closes.

There may be ways for us to continue to serve you if I am able to regain control of the company - and I'm asking for your support.

Please join me here.

Sincerest regards,

Ilia Muriente
Crawlability Inc, Founder
Whoa! Sounds like major turmoil. Thanks for letting me know David.

And FYI all, we use VBseo here. :(
Hi, Michael:

vBSEO is a separate add-on for vBulletin that adds several SEO and user features. The notice above is only about vBSEO, not about vBulletin itself.

Thanks for the offer, though. :)
Thanks Mike, really appreciate it.

Yes that's the version of vBulletin we use here and like David said it's still good. It's just the add-on that's at risk.

We rank #1 now but think we would without it too. And luckily most of our traffic is word of mouth not SE driven. So we'll be fine if it goes away.

Oops except it's helping do some URL re-writes and some other tech stuff in the background, so if it suddenly goes away will need to talk to David to be sure we don't have borked links or something funky on the back end.
That's a question I'm already researching. Just because the company gets abandoned doesn't necessarily mean the product will stop working. We do have a legal license (or between us a few legal licenses) for vBSEO. The question is whether vBSEO has a callback function that needs to be operational for the software to work. If so, we'll need to find a way to bypass that or a way to rewrite vBSEO's rewrites.

We'd lose some other features if vBSEO won't run anymore. I'm hoping for the scenario of vBSEO continuing to work, just with no more support from the company.

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