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Oct 15, 2015
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I read an email from Thomas of Geomapy today about a ranking theory to boost GMB rankings in areas outside the primary location. I can't find a blog on Geomapy to link to, but here's an excerpt from what he said in the email blast:

From our testing, it looks like the key to push rankings in different zipcodes/areas that are located further from your main GMB location is to get engagement from those areas in there.

So, if I want to rank in a different zip code that is 10 miles away, you need to figure out a way for people to interact with that GMB listing in that area.

Little confusing, ask yourself those questions now?


How can I advertise my GMB in different zip codes/areas?

Why people should interact with my GMB when they land on it, what drivers interactions?

I hope this email gives you some creative ideas to push rankings :)

What you thinking?

Thomas is saying that the location of the person clicking on a GMB page is a ranking factor for ranking in that location. So if that is true, how do we promote the GMB profile to areas where it's not currently showing in search?

I'll start it off...

If you are a business that runs events. You could create a GMB event post in the area where you want your GMB to rank. Then to promote engagement with that post, you could link to that event post as a CTA from a targetted FB ad.

Any other ideas?
Hi @Scott ClientClicks

Here is what I advise my clients to implement since I'm pretty sure Google takes location engagement data into consideration when determining rankings:

  • Running Google Ads in specific areas
  • Creating service area pages so that organic traffic leads to more geo indications
  • Backlinks from local websites
  • Citations from local websites
  • Trying to encourage customers to leave extensive and detailed reviews
  • Mentioning specific local areas or towns/cities in GMB blog posts & review replies if possible and related
  • Captioning(meta info, title, description...) photos and videos with related geo data
  • Joining local communities on Facebook (Facebook groups) to be able to advertise to a specific local audience
  • Geo tagging instagram posts and linking to GMB on a landing page

Facebook Ads is certainly a great idea, too but I haven't focused much on push marketing recently.

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