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Jun 28, 2012
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Do you do blogging for your local search clients OR advise them about blogging? Well then you know it's often tough for small business owners to come up with blog posting ideas.

Here's a great post from Adam Zilko at Firegang Digital Marketing. One of their team mates Jacob Puhl is a valued member here.

When you or your clients run out of blog post ideas here are some great ones!

Top 20 Blog Post Ideas for SMBs

One of the best ways to keep your company relevant in the minds of consumers is to maintain a regularly updated blog. According to blogging platform, nearly 400 million people read 4.1 billion WP blog pages a month. There are two lessons to glean from those numbers. One is that people still read blogs. The other is that there is lots of competition out there. In order to keep your blog fresh, entertaining and enticing for your targeted readership, you need a go-to list of juicy subjects to write about. If you’re stumped when it comes to creating new titles, just turn to this list. The following twenty blog topics should be all you need to get those creative juices flowing again so that your SMB can remain on top of the recently published list.

Really great list of ideas. Point your clients to the Firegang post when they run out of blog post ideas.

One I just thought of that could be really advantageous for highly targeted backlinks AND even help get direct professional referrals AND something your existing customers might appreciate...

Think of a niche related to yours that is synergistic, but not competitive. Something that dovetails and your clients may be interested in. For example if you are a Cosmetic Dentist, cosmetic surgery would be a perfect fit. Set up Google alerts for "your city plastic surgery", cosmetic surgery, etc. Then occasionally cover news, tips or updates you find.

Also do Google blog search for those keywords. When you find a good post from that industry, cover it and link back to that plastic surgeon's blog. BE SURE TO USE A TRACKBACK.

That 'may' get you a trackback link on their blog. But more importantly their patients could click over to you OR they may return the favor and link to one of your blog posts some day OR if they see your name pop up enough, they may even call you to discuss referring patients to you.

Any other good blog post ideas?
That?s a great list. If my wheels were spinning, that?d surely get them unstuck.

A couple favorite ?species? of blog posts I?d add:

-The interview. When done right, it?s fun for everyone. There?s also a nice Tom Sawyer / ?paint the fence? quality to interviews.

-The checklist. People love checklists. In some cases I guess there?s overlap with countdowns and roundups, but checklists are perfect for business owners who know a lot about their craft but don?t want to have to explain every point to death.

BTW, I?m a huge fan of this:

99 Questions | John Fancher Copywriter & Autoresponder Guy

Yes, even though it?s ideas for emails/autoresponders, it all applies to blogging.

You?ll have to get on John Fancher?s email list to get the ?99 ideas for autoresponders,? but his emails are excellent in their own right.

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