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Sep 27, 2012
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I've jumped into a local marketing project that was doing fairly well prior to me getting involved. After some optimization and tweaking, the results improved. More top listings, seeing my new page titles as the map listing title, additional terms now triggering the listing and overall capturing more real estate in the serps.

Looking at the Google Places Dashboard and Google Analytics, the # of impressions are up for big time in April (still several days left) compared the February and March but the actions are down compared to the previous two months. Analytics reflects the same in referrals from

Did I over optimize? How do I start pinpointing where to focus my efforts to increase the actions? Mind you, most of the actions are for driving directions or click for more info, very few for clicks to website. I've tried explaining to the SMB that it's important to ask a few questions in an attempt to narrow down the source or where the caller got the number from but most callers can remember where they were 5 minutes ago let alone where they found the phone number.

It's nice to see the site getting in front of more faces but I'd like to see the actions improve as well. What gives?

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