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Oct 11, 2018
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Title is pretty self-explanatory -- I'm trying to figure out what to select in the GmB backend in Canada that matches with 'General Contractor' in Local Pack. There doesn't seem to be an option to just select 'General Contractor', so the closest I could find is just 'Contractor'. Currently testing to see if this is the right one.

Any fellow Canadian SEOs who know this one off the top of their head? Thanks in advance!
@jvaquino @Rich Owings Thanks for your responses!

I checked my competitors using Dev Tools and also used PlePer before posting here. Dev Tools was showing the category as 'General Contractor' and on Pleper the GCID matching General Contractor in Canada was general_contractor. Hence my confusion about not finding it as an option in the backend...

However, it seems like just 'Contractor' is the one to pick as the primary category. The client GmB is showing as 'General Contractor' in the Knowledge Panel, so this is solved! :)

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