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Oct 17, 2018
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So I had 3 clients all in the same city get 1-star reviews from the same person recently. Decided to look at his profile and sure enough he has left a 1-star rating (no writing) for 60+ florists beyond just my clients in the same 2-3 neighboring cities. Nothing above 1-star.

I followed The Guide and reported his local guide account. Got the response back saying they would look into it and take the necessary action but wouldn't be able to share the results of that investigation with me/etc. I was curious about how long is the turnaround time on them taking action on one of these reports if they do find a violation? I've been checking the guy's profile every couple days and none of the reviews have been removed as of yet so I'm assuming they've not done anything (I'm hoping they actually take action on it because it's pretty blatant in my opinion).

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