Margaret Ornsby

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Jul 22, 2013
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Ever heard of one of those?

Found out about it today while on a call to a support rep.

I had a page I've been wrestling with on an account - one of six locations. No matter how many different things I tried, and even after a few phone calls to support, this pesky page wouldn't accept address corrections or intro descriptions.

The rep today took me through the same process as all the others. Had the conversation along the lines of duplicates and so on, no nothing there, don't know why it's not working, will escalate to technical team, etc. We hung up and I made a note to call next week. again.

Then he did something really amazing - he called me back! He said something occurred to him to check on his end that he hadn't thought of previously, and saw the page was an "unsupported page type". It had gotten stuck in the upgrade process for some unknown reason, and the system was simply not going to deal with it no matter what he or I did.

That was interesting to find out there are some pages just plain cactus (aka FUBAR) and that their system is flagging them.

Then he asked me to create another page. :eek: I told him he had no idea how hard it was for my fingers to create a duplicate wrong on so many levels! He then he verified my new page.

I'm to check back in 24 hours and see if I can 1- delete the "bad" page (can't right now because of something he did on his end) and 2 - update the new good page with the details I need for the listing.

I even have a support ticket in place that will go directly to him, so I can keep tracking this through with one person until it's resolved. Five stars to Google for that! :)
Aug 7, 2013
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@wonderwoman: I had this very thing happen to me yesterday. Was on with support for almost 2 hours. He walked me though the very same process. The listing I was having issues with was created by a third party "InfoUSA". I am not able to delete the unverified page in the new dashboard as all the buttons are locked since support made the address change. He said I was locked out by the system. Still waiting to hear back.

Linda Buquet

Local Search Expert
Jun 28, 2012
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This is odd. Have not been able to keep up over at the G forum so not sure if this is a new and growing problem or if you two are the only lucky ones to experience it.

Just tweeted though to see if it's a growing new trend. If we get a few reports I can escalate to Google and see what's up.
Aug 7, 2013
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Thanks Linda...They did mention that there systems were acting up yesterday. This was for Phoenix.
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