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May 17, 2016
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Our offices are in a courtyard which has a main road running outside of it and a small private road leading to some garages down the side.

Our office is in the corner of the courtyard so backs onto the garages, but the entrance to the courtyard is on the main road, the courtyard can not be accessed from the garages, thus all visitors would come from the main road.

Our pin in google maps is correct but the automatic street view location / image is showing up as the back of the garages (not sure why the street view car even drove down there, but it did..)

How can i get google to change our street view image from the garages to the front of the courtyard on the main road. They used to display the main road as the correct image, but have recently changed it.
Hi James, Id prefer not to disclose the NAP in a public forum, but i have DM'ed you.
If Street View in the Knowledge Panel is inaccurate, there are a few things you can do to adjust it.

Option 1: Go into Google My Business and see if the pin is off. Click satellite view to get a more accurate view of where the pin is in relation to your building. Keep in mind that if you edit something related to the map, it generally takes a week before you’ll see the update reflect on Google search. Don’t be surprised if your knowledge panel doesn’t update instantly.

Option 2:
Consider hiring a Google Trusted Photographer. The inside tour replaces Street View in the Knowledge Panel.

Option 3: If the view of your building is outdated because it’s changed since Google last drove by with their Street View car, you can see when Google is scheduled to drive by next by checking their schedule here.
Thanks for that Joy, ive got a couple of follow up queries below

Re. Option 2 :

- If we hired a photographer can they be a standard photographer who will come with their DSLR camera and take jpeg images we can add to our profile, or does it have to be a 3d panorama photographer ? Also does it have to be a google trusted photographer or can we use who ever we like ?

- We only really have one 500sqft area we would like to photograph which is our showroom, the rest of our office space over 3/4 of it is offices which we wouldn't want photographed, due to the fact the photographed area would be quite small could that negatively effect our ranking.

- Do businesses with a custom interior 3d panorama get a ranking boost (im not talking about a ranking boost, due to the compound effect of having the 3d panorama), but rather if google sees that you've uploaded one do you get a boost straight away.

Re. Option 3 :
- The link where you say click here seems to be broken would you mind re posting, thanks
I was thinking some more about the issue im having and in the past i moved the pin on the map and someone from google called me up to verify why i had done this, i explained and i beleive the manually updated the street view location for my listing.

Does any one know if this is still possible ?
I've done it several times and have never received a call from Google about it. If you're in a spammy industry, like a locksmith, you might experience a lot more attention on stuff like this than others.
I definitely recommend getting a Google Street View Trusted Photographer to take and upload a 360 view photo (or several of them). You might also want to have them take several 360 photos and create a virtual tour of your business.

I'd also take photos, as well, and upload them. Make sure that you have your company signage, suite number, etc. very visible in the photos, as well. Maybe even take photo of your front door that has the suite number and others that easily show the location.

Ask the Google Street View Trusted Photographer to make an edit and update the map marker. Having someone other than you updating it could make a difference.

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