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Jun 28, 2012
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I wanted to share a good citations post from one of our members - Brian Baker.

He takes you through a bit of a case study about what they went through to change their own address after a move.

[spoiler alert] They were only able to update 21% of their local listings after changing addresses!

<a href="">The Ultimate Guide To Updating Citations + [CASE STUDY]</a>

We know the consistency, quantity, and quality of the citations play a role in ranking.

So what happens when a business changes addresses? Well, those three things go to H. E. Double hockey stick and so does your traffic and rankings.

You?ve moved into your shiny new office, and all is dandy.

What could be so awful about upgrading your business space?

Well for one, it confuses the hell out of Google.

The main issue that is created when changing addresses is a mismatch of information found in local listing sites like YellowPages, WhitePages, CitySearch, etc.

Head over to read the rest. Thanks for sharing Brian!

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Thanks for sharing, Linda! I saw you posted on your Twitter, and Google+, Thank you so much :)))))

If anyone has any updates or suggestions, those would be much appreciated!

Thanks guys!
Brian Baker
Thanks for sharing it with me Brian. Was just going to let you know but I guess you saw it. :)

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