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Jul 26, 2013
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Can anybody tell me if there is a way to upgrade from Google's old google+local dashboard to the new dashboard?

The reason I want to upgrade is that I would like to expand and have a more complete business description for a client Instead of the 200 character limit. This Google + local site is about two years old.
Nope just need to wait for it. It's rolling out slowly and many don't have it yet.

There was an early upgrade request form I linked to but everyone I talked to says even though they used it they still didn't get upgraded yet.

Plus even when you get new dash and option for longer description I'd be careful going too long for 2 reasons.

1) Long description will push down your reviews.

2) With Google, just like with attorneys - the more you say sometimes, the more rope you have to hang yourself with. :eek: There are things many add without realizing it that can trip a filter.
I agree on the length. My goal would be a description no longer than say 50 words, maybe 75 but no more.

Would this be a safe guideline?
Not sure there is a "safe" guideline per se and don't know how long that many words looks like on a G+ L page. Main thing to be careful of is repeating anything from NAP or long strings of services and KWs.

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