Eric Rohrback

Oct 3, 2012
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This is more of a general "local search" strategy, but technically could be used by non-local companies as well...

I was consulting for an agency to help them clean up their citation/local presence mess (old addresses, old phone numbers), and was amazed when I found their Glassdoor and Indeed profiles. They were bare, un-optimized, and unappealing. The worst part was the negative glassdoor reviews left about the company. The funny thing I saw was that this company was trying to hire new staff to their team. *FACEPALM*

So aside from missing a huge opportunity to get a link/citation from a very important source (job board targeted to their city), they have a gigantic negative review bashing the company that's been sitting there for quite a while with no response from the business owner. Major miss.

So while you're out there building citations for clients, don't forget to check job boards. People research those sites before they go in for an interview (if they don't they're really dumb). Make sure the reputation is in good standing, and make sure it's presentable. Those tend to show up pretty high for branded searches.

Thought I'd share this experience with the community.

Linda Buquet

Local Search Expert
Jun 28, 2012
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WOW! Huge tip and really important point Eric!

If a consumer is critically researching before deciding on a company to buy from or get service from they might search for "Company XYZ Complaints". And I bet if there are any on job boards those are going to rank high. AND if the interviewers complaint is something like "These guys don't seem to care about customers - only money!" I bet that could cause that consumer to surf right over to another company.
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