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Sep 16, 2013
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Hi, hoping to get some help from an expert here. I have a client that used to be #2 on the maps section for "eye doctor dallas" and all of a sudden they dropped off a couple months ago. We still have them listed organically on the first page (client site is but would like to get them back to where they were in the map pack.

I understand Google doesn't like to list the same url twice on the same page, could that be causing it?

Could it be the # of reviews this client has? Which I think is currently 2.

Their google places listing is verified and a google+ page has been created a 4-6 months ago.

Business is
Prestonwood Eyecare

Do you notice anything that may be causing this?

Thanks in advance for any advice!!
There are more results/listings with the phone number ending in 1772 than the 1774 number on the Google listing.

There are other businesses or doctors listed on the web using the 1774 number, some with a nearby address: 5425

Cleaning up and updating those listings with incorrect info should help a good bit.
Ahh. Thank you. Yes I do need to get these cleaned up as the client moved from 5425 to 5455 about 2 years ago and that is probably what has everything confused.

I have used Brightlocal to create new citations for us a few times before, but are there any good services out there that will help do a 1 time clean up of citations like this (that are affordable)?
Do you know Nyagoslav? I think he does clean up. He did it for one of my clients.

But citations may not be the main problem.

Check this out. Competition may be high for City + KW but he should be ranking #1 for KW + his specific address as there should be no competition at that address.

Eye doctor 5455 Belt Line Rd Dallas, TX. He ranks J at his own address so no way he's going to rank high against city-wide competition. The Dr listing ranks A.

So the Dr dupe is part of the problem. You need to minimize it.
Read these 2 posts bottom one 1st. Search Results practitioner duplicates - Google Places Optimization Blog

Did you recently PIN verify?
Did you recently have a dupe you asked Google to remove or any other problems?

Because I can't see any MM history to research. So there is possibility this is starting over in the ranking or there is some violation inside I can't see (or was a violation that was corrected and penalty is lingering.)

If none of the above, then I'd clean up that description. Remove Dallas and def remove DALLASeyes. And take out some of the KW repetition. Don't repeat any KWs that are in cats, just talk additional services and synonyms. See if there is a ranking penalty for the description.
Thanks for the great response Linda. That is so strange that he doesn't rank #1 for the KW + address. That is definitely something I can test out as I make changes and tweak things in the future.

I recently found out that he signed up for some sort of PPC with to advertise on their site and affiliates. The kicker is, they had the wrong address and website URL and have been adding the incorrect address to and affiliates. I called Superpages today and had them update all the information on the account. Hoping this helps some.

To Broland's response, I went into Google Places and updated the phone number to the 1772 number. To Linda's response, I went in to the Google+ Page and cleaned up the description.

The Dr Dupe piece was huge help! Great resource. After reading that, I went in to the "Dr Moiger David" listing and suggested changes according to the recommendations on that post.

I haven't verified the PIN recently or contacted Google about having a dupe.

Thank you for all the help!! Will give it a couple weeks and reevaluate.
I have circled back around and double checked where the client is listed for "eye doctor dallas." Still not seeing them in the map pack.

Does anyone have any other advice on how we could increase our chances of ranking on the map pack over just organically on the 1st page?
The Dr Dupe piece was huge help! Great resource. After reading that, I went in to the "Dr Moiger David" listing and suggested changes according to the recommendations on that post.

Suggesting changes does not help until they go through. But looks like they didn't get accepted.

Dr link still goes to home page.

Everything is the same. Dr still outranks practice listing.

Oh wait, just noticed - no wonder Google thinks Dr listing is most accurate. Phone on Dr listing matches phone on the website. The practice listing phone does not match.

So the phone number listed at the top that ends in 1772 is the one you are talking about? On the sidebar and contact page, we have both phone numbers. You think it matters that much to change them?
No sorry, I only saw the big number on top and assumed it was only one. Didn't have time to look further than that.

So biggest issue is probably that need to get Dr. listing URL changed to Dr bio page. But I just checked and don't see one at least based on top nav. Don't have time to dig. When you tried to edit Dr listing, what page did you try to link to?
OK that page should work. MM does not show any history so I can't tell what happened.

Since it's been awhile I'd try user edit again and in explanation don't say anything about ranking. Say: since this is a practitioner listing, linking to his bio page is the most relevant.

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