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Sep 10, 2020
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Hello everyone,

Over the past few months, some of my clients in the US, especially in Las Vegas, have noticed a decline in their traffic, both on Google Business Profile and on their websites.

The only change in my approach has been that I've started responding to customer reviews using AI, and our ratings have slightly decreased.

I suspect that Google might not appreciate the fact that I'm using AI to respond to reviews.

Does anyone have any feedback on this matter?

Thank you.
Last as we knew, google doesn't do ANYTHIGN with review responses, whether positive or negative, and people have attempted far more egregious bull shit that AI responses, such as huge blocks of keyword stuffing.

Honestly, my worries would be more about the potential for PR disaster. The AI we tested was preposterously bad at dealing with those negative reviews that are big blocks of text.
I don't think we should let the robot do everything on its own.

We need to train it.

Correct it.

And craft the perfect script.

It saves time. And conserves mental resources.

If Google doesn't take into account responses to comments, the customers do.

That's why I think we should always read what a robot produces just as we should read customer comments.

However, the time and energy savings are real when it's done right.

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