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Jan 27, 2021
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Hi Everyone, our client has 3 locations under the same company. One location has the option for the AI chat and the other two have the call option. Messaging is turned on for every profile but we never chose the chat option for that one profile. I'm guessing Google is testing the chat option on its own?

The problem is - our client is a moving company and when interacted with, the AI chat is quoting prices that are innacurate and referring the customer to other moving companies?

This is definitely not something that we want. I can't find an option to turn off messaging either. When I open "Messaging" on the profile with chat, I'm prompted to "Check LeadConnector to respond to customer messages." (please see attached photo) where I usually would have the option to edit the messaging settings.

When I google LeadConnector, it seems like a third party app from the company GoHighLevel that our client must've integrated to their GBP. I asked our client if they have ever worked with that company.

Does anyone know anything about this? Is the AI chat a feature Google is testing or is it something you have to install using this third party app?

Any help is much appreciated!


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I'm not sure how to delete my post but we figured it out! It was because of an integration a previous marketing company made with the company We are working on unlinking the platforms and turning off the AI chat bot.

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