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Jul 27, 2012
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I have it in my head (I think someone must have said it a few years ago) that you can't use the wording from Google Reviews on your website on the Testimonials Page or on Social Media - other than as a graphic - because Google doesn't like duplicate content. And wants the review on GBP to be completely original.

Is that still true?

Can we take the copy/wording from a Google Review and use it verbatim on a website or social media without fear of any sort of penalty - like the original review being removed from your GBP Page?
Hi Jo, I see no issue there, and I copy Google reviews over to highlight on the website all the time.
Most of the reviews on our website are 1st party reviews.

OK, so just to be absolutely clear - there is a heatwave in the UK and my brain is melting :)
On other websites, you just copy and paste the words of Google reviews into the Page text and there has been no penalty like the reviews disappearing from the GBP listing?
It's not what we do 100% of the time to feature reviews, but we do that often, yes. No issues that we have come across.

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