Jul 17, 2019
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Hi all

A bit of a different one! I'm currently working with a client which has services located in multiple third-party locations. Essentially they're a standalone business that's located within other businesses (a national car wash service that's available at independent garages across the UK).

We're keen to discover whether we can get the company into local packs using the 'Located within' feature on Google Maps.

There are two questions that come to mind immediately:
  1. If we were to manually add 'Located within' info on all locations, roughly how likely would it be for this to come into effect? I've read a few threads where people have mentioned removing 'Located within' info takes forever to be approved and sometimes never is - is it the same for adding data to this field, too?
  2. Even if our client did start to appear in relevant local packs, I'm assuming it would potentially come at the cost of the garages themselves. For instance, if a garage is already appearing in local packs for the query 'car wash tunbridge wells', would adding our client's business to the 'Located within' here field potentially knock the garage out of its current position?
I've had a scout around online and can find very little information on how this would work, or guidance for getting it done. Would be interesting to see if anyone has experience of similar and - if so - how it worked out!

Thanks in advance.


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Jul 18, 2012
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You can usually get the located in feature to publish immediately if you move the map pin slightly while submitting the edit. Make sure you're logged into the account that manages the listing.

If you're creating listings for the car wash, you should have the garage remove that category from their listing to make sure you're compliant with the Google My Business guidelines. This would also help make sure the car wash is the one that ranks instead of the garage. It would knock them out of their position if you did this but that's the way the algorithm was designed to keep the same place from ranking multiple times which isn't a great user experience.

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